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I’ve been practicing manual therapy for 26 years now. I started doing massage in 1992 and progressed to the Rolf Method of Structural Integration training in 2000. A year later I was introduced to Kam Thye Chow of Lotus Palm School in Montreal and that led me further on this somatic journey as I explored Thai medicine and Thai massage in particular. I am a self-proclaimed anatomy geek. Love collecting books on anatomy, old and new.

I work out of my home studio in Sterling, CT., a small rural town in Eastern CT. In 2014, my parents needed to size down and rather than move to a facility, my wife and I decided to have them live with us. My old studio was an ell on the back of our 303 year old home and was a bit cramped for teaching classes. I love being creative, designing and building, so after spending a couple of months hashing out the design details, I built a new 1000 sq. ft. studio attached to the old house by an atrium. Now, I have enough room for classes and private clients.

I’ve chosen low back pain or LBP because so many people suffer from this condition. My understanding is that 80% of the US population will at some point in their life experience low back pain. All in all, we know very little about it.

I’ve worked on young and old, in all shapes and sizes and have come to realize how true it is that all healing happens internally. It may not even matter which modality is used, but what I’ve found important is that a reciprocal relationship is formed between myself and the client. We dialogue together as I work with my hands and something happens. To the best of my knowledge their are very few evidence-based papers out there that explain what happens when a session releases acute or chronic low back pain in a client. But it does happen. With regularity. After twenty-six years I still marvel at the mystery behind this and look forward to the lessons I continue to learn from each client that walks through the door.

Too many people suffer with pain every day. We tend to take it for granted when we are feeling good. But, a stubbed toe is a strong reminder that we are vulnerable to injury and the associated discomfort. Within my menu of services are a half dozen, normally priced treatments for those who can afford it. For all those who have no insurance or simply don’t have the extra cash to afford a treatment, I created a Pay It Forward Program that allows them to anonymously make a donation to receive an hour of massage or therapeutic bodywork. This makes it affordable and allows them the opportunity to heal and return to work as soon as possible. It just makes no sense to me, to see someone living in pain simply because therapy is not in their budget. For more info, go to “Rolf Bodyworks”.

The purpose of this site is not to diagnose, but to inform readers of alternate potential solutions that I do, or that I have experienced myself regarding bad low back pain. Some of these ideas are common sense, some are not. I also hope to be able to share what I feel are the best exercises for low back pain. I am not saying that Rolf Structural Integration, massage, herbs or acupuncture will be the answer to your pain. Only that it is important to be open-minded and willing to explore and find the answer that works for you. Everyone’s body, circumstance and pain is different from the next person. The treatment that works for you may not work for another. So, I hope this site makes you curious and perhaps provides an answer to your questions.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.
All the best,

Rob Martin LMT, BCSI

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