Best Mattress for Low Back Pain – “Nectar” mattress review

Quality sleep is Important

Today, I’d like to talk about how a mattress dramatically changed my overall health and well-being. We all understand the importance of a good night’s sleep. It is during certain periods of our sleep cycle that our body has the best opportunity to heal itself and get everything back in order. If we don’t sleep well, then we deny ourselves this process that has an enormous effect on our health.

I had been suffering from a shoulder injury and low back pain for several months. I am a manual therapist and am familiar with the “what to do” part of getting my shoulder/back to feel good again. I exercised gently, received bodywork, took my supplements, but never considered my mattress or the quality of sleep I was getting. So I started researching on the internet as to what is the best mattress for low back pain. My searching taught me that the mattress industry had changed drastically since the last time (12 years) I purchased a new mattress. Here is what I learned.

I think for some of us, the cost of a new mattress and box spring is enough to dissuade us from making the purchase. Let’s face it, shelling out at minimum of a couple of grand, for a decent mattress is one of the main reasons we keep a mattress beyond the point of buying a new one. And, you can spend a lot more if you are so inclined. Plus, the buying experience is not so hot either. It’s sort of like going to a used car lot and kicking the tires.

Buying Online – It’s so easy to do

Welcome to the modern world. Now, we can research all mattresses made, check reviews (this is one) and get the best price possible by shopping online. All in the comfort of our home while sipping a cup of coffee. Life is good, eh? What I happened is that I noticed a pattern. I spent a month looking online at different mattresses. I started with all the big names, you know who they are. Pretty much a lot of the same old, same old. Then, I started to notice pop-ups on the side of the reviews for companies I never heard of. It seemed apparent to me, that someone figured out a way to manufacture high quality mattresses, package and ship them to your door at a tremendous value. This is life-changing. For me at least. But also a little scary. These people are asking you to trust them enough to send you a new mattress without you ever testing it out first. Obviously, they are crazy. I mean, who would do that? The websites are very nicely designed. They invite you in, to experience virtually, what it is like to own and use their product. Read on to follow how my experience went with the company I chose.

Nectar – It’s a mattress company

In my searching, I found Nectar mattresses to have the best offer. This is the line that caught my eye on the website.

“Try NECTAR risk-free for a full year. If you are not 100% happy, we will refund all of your money and collect the mattress for free.”

Say what?! How can they do that? This is like a car company that offers a 10-year warranty on a new car. It shows confidence in the quality of their product. Personally, I think it takes guts to make such a claim, and for me, that is what ultimately made me buy their mattress. They believed in their product more than anyone else.

All I had was a metal bed frame at the time. The kind that you bang your shin on, when you cut the corner to close. Nectar mattresses can be used on this type of frame, a platform, a box spring or even right on the floor. My wife suggested we get a platform setup with a tufted headboard and footer. Relatively inexpensive at $278 and quite easy to put together.

Nectar has designed their mattresses with several layers of different thicknesses of gel memory foam, a cover made of special fabric that keeps you from overheating and also offers dust mite protection. I would describe the mattress as medium firm, so it offers the support that you need without sacrificing comfort. You can pay by card or PayPal or they will finance the purchase. Nectar’s warranty is like no other mattress company in the industry.

“For the first 10 years of ownership, we’ll replace your mattress with a brand new NECTAR at absolutely no charge to you if yours is defective in workmanship or materials. From year 10 on, we’ll completely repair and re-cover your NECTAR, or replace your NECTAR, waiving all transportation costs if a manufacturing defect or materials failure is confirmed to exist.”

All this and it is delivered to your front door by FedEx. Bring it into the bedroom, place it on the frame, open the giant dufflebag it is packed in and slice the plastic wrapping with the handy slicer they give you and voila! It will expand by itself and is ready for use in a couple of hours.

Is this the Best mattress for low back pain?

I’ve had my king-size Nectar mattress now for five months. The first night I used it I slept almost eight hours. I never do that. Six hours of sleep is normal for me. It was amazingly comfortable. Over time, I noticed that I could sleep with my arm outstretched under my head which is my preference. The shoulder injury I had prevented me from sleeping in that position. Within a month, my shoulder problem lessened to the point that I forgot about it. My low back pain was also non-existent. I simply noticed one day, that it hadn’t been bothering me for a while. I honestly believe that the support that this mattress provides and the quality and length of sleep it provided, all had a factor in my return to health and improving the overall quality of my life. If you are interested in learning more about Nectar mattresses, click on the link provided below. Sleep well, be well.



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